Friday, June 17, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Let's start with this.
Christina Hendricks had a scare.

Oh, Carlos Santana! Don't do this!

Wipeout is making a host change.

The Today show had an awkward moment.

Britney struck some interesting poses on her tour.

Jennifer Lopez's daughter looks a lot like her.
Boy George is 50.

Here's some Harry Potter news.

This news about a new Les Miserables movie is interesting.

I had no idea "ladies" in Beverly Hills were so bratty!

Broadway just got yummier.

I really don't want to watch these two work out their problems on TV.

Buzz Aldrin is getting divorced.

I'm calling this Marc Jacobs campaign a miss.
I'm sad for Kelly Osbourne.

Now I understand why those singers agreed to judge The Voice.

Kristin Chenoweth is always adorable!

Some guy has confessed to murdering Tupac.

Denise Richards is "writing" a memoir.

That guy who played Urkel is now a director.

From teen idol to not your kid's role model just like that!
This Superman casting news is interesting.

Donald Trump isn't the only one telling Gary Busey that he's fired.

Joss Stone was apparently the target of a scary crime.

That ginormous Spelling mansion has been sold.

Christie Brinkley is a superhero.

Madonna is working on a new album.

Ladies (with fake boobs and tans), it looks like Hugh Hefner is back on the market. But maybe it was all just an attention-getting scam?
Something seems off with this perfume ad.
Some actor guy was stabbed in a bar fight.

Is Jenifer Aniston "the other woman?"

Eva Longoria wears braces.

Dear Justin Timberlake: please put down the pot and make some music!

I liked it more when Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama didn't talk.

The Academy Awards could have as few as five and as many as 10 best picture nominees.

Natalie Portman had a baby boy.

I am starting a collection to get Iggy Pop a shirt.

Kim Cattrall, I don't want another Sex and the City movie!

Gwyneth Paltrow sounds a bit like a bully.

Jessica Simpson is returning to TV.

Charlie Sheen is trying to get back on TV.

To see who belongs to these legs, click here.
I'm no Tori Spelling apologist, but photographers really should back off.

Courtney Cox is using her Cougar Town cash on a home makeover.

Conan O'Brien's address to Dartmouth grads was pretty funny.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked pretty good at the Tonys. Here's a list of winners. Here's a link to the red carpet photos.

I'm fairly certain Rihanna does not care that her top is see-through.

No one should look this good without makeup.

The saxophonist from the E Street Club had a stroke.

Can Amy Winehouse abide by these tour rules?

I am not a fan of Soulja Boy, but I like what he had to say to the haters.

Are these two a couple now?

Barry Manilow turned 68 this week. His face is considerably younger.
If you buy Ed Hardy's home, you might have to undouche it.

Crazy: Ricki Lake allegedly set her house on fire.

No new U2 music until 2012.

Zach Galifianakis.

Lily Allen has some big news.

Emily Blunt had a stuttering problem.

This seems like a pretty random couple.

Two things: Richard Simmons is still alive & he's wearing pants!
I kind of believe this story about little Suri Cruise.

Jennifer Hudson may have pissed off Winnie Mandela.

Dakota Fanning is going to college.

I hope this Lifetime Achievement Award doesn't mean the actor is calling it quits.

I thought Edie Falco was cool. This makes me think she's cooler.

Tracy Morgan apologized for his homophobic rant. Tina Fey seems to be hinting that Tracy has a few more apologies to make.

Try as she did to keep it private, it appears Jennifer Lopez's sex tape is out there. And I am beginning to think she wears stuff like this so we'll forget how bad her music is.
Shia LaBeouf is done with a series I have not seen. But he is still doing this series (I also haven't seen it).

NBA players do not sound like the kind of guy any girl should date.

If only every divorce was as fun (really - fun!) as it is with this rock couple.
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