Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrate Your Hobby - Or Something

At first glance, this SUV makes me wonder what it's doing parked - shouldn't it be cruising the highway at a low speed with OJ in the backseat and a fleet of police cars behind it? Also, I think this should be in some sort of museum. It's in such great shape! But a closer look reveals something about the owner.
They're land-locked divers. I mean, I think they are. I'm assuming the person who owns this vehicle lives in my town - which is only near lakes and rivers unless you're up for a road trip to do some Gulf of Mexico diving. Now, if I was a burglar, I'd say, "Follow that Bronco! They'll lead us to thousands of dollars worth of dive equipment we can pawn for a few bucks!"

But I'm not. I'm too clumsy for a life of crime.

They're divers. Good for them! PS - Watch out for sharks. They will eat you.

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