Thursday, June 23, 2011

Showing Some Car Pride

I have seen these commercials and quickly dismissed them.

Don't ALL cars go "zoom" if you put a little pressure on the gas pedal? I guess that's not good enough for some. Take a look at what this driver has done:
I spotted this one on my way to work recently. Can you see why I rolled my eyes, then snapped a picture?
Mazda lovers aren't the only one showing their pride in their cars. Take a look at what my friend Adam spotted.
After you're done punching someone in the arm because you saw this first, take a closer look at this little bug's plate.
El bugo! How cute is that! I didn't even roll my eyes just a little bit! Something about those little cars makes me happy - and a plate that celebrates it (in this case) is kinda cute.

Is it just the red cars that do this or are there others out there? I'll let you know if I spy any more.

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