Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, My True Blood!

I have missed my favorite vampires and werewolves! Seeing this made me REALLY happy.

I haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books (I may do that when the show ends), so I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this series to start. As if a war between vampires, werewolves and humans isn't enough - they're throwing witches in the mix!

If you've never seen the show, you should know it's naughty (it's on HBO, so that shouldn't surprise you). In fact, last season, I became fixated on some of the naughty bits. I tracked the following:
F*#k: 286Sex: 12.5
Hooker: 3
That's how many time the f-bomb was used, how many times there were sex scenes and how many times Lafayette called someone a hooker. I think I'll track it again this season and see if they can top that!
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