Friday, June 10, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Apparently, following Russell Crowe on Twitter means you get lots of rants in your feed.

Tracy Morgan seems to carry a lot of hate.

Alec Baldwin might run for mayor of NYC.

Pay attention, fellas.

William Shatner doesn't seem to be retiring any time soon.

Tony Parker's mom might not be able to quit Eva Longoria.

This actress is probably headed for rehab.

If true, this hookup is pretty random.

I'll need to see the trailer before I decide whether I want to see this.

When royal families collide...
Sheryl Crow shared a little too much at the CMAs.

Another rapper has been arrested.

This sounds like a movie I might like.

This is a movie apparently no one likes.

James Franco now has a dance mix.

These supposed Hangover III deets don't sound legit.

Shania Twain has scored a sweet Vegas deal. It might help her forget about this:

You'd think with as busy she is, Rachel Ray would pass out and sleep like a baby at night. Not so.

Something doesn't look right with Bethenny Frankel.

Can you believe it's been 20 years since Thelma and Louise?
Sherri Shepherd has set herself up for wedding day drama.

Captain America appears to be getting into the race for President of the Hair Club For Men.

This makes me love Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation a little more.

I can't believe a magazine considers this prenup "shocking."

The CFDA Awards brought out some interesting outfits.

Jennifer Connelly has a new baby girl.

Perhaps crazy runs in Nicolas Cage's family?

REALLY, Christina?
Was Ronald Reagan serious about aliens?

Lawrence Fishburne is leaving his TV show.

Keith Olbermann has a pretty sweet deal.

I agree with the folks at Rotten Tomatoes.

Hey! Willie Nelson isn't going to jail after all!

I'm glad these people are trying to get help, but I won't be tuning in (on purpose) to Celebrity Rehab.

Craig Ferguson is taking his show on the road. To Paris. France.

Turns out, Kathy Ireland is a REAL woman.

This story about Anne Hathaway is pretty unbelievable.

Khloe Kardashian shared way too much.

Shakira wants you to forget all about Rihanna.

Damon Lindelof and I agree on the same thing.

I can't believe this girl just graduated high school!

This picture doesn't make me want to see the sequel to Men in Black.
A movie star (?) is going back to his soapy roots.

Totally forgot this guy was in rehab.

I didn't see the first G.I. Joe movie, so I'm pretty sure I won't see this sequel.

But I might rent this one.

Jim Carrey is talking about sequels to a couple of his hit movies.

That Jennifer Lopez sexy time tape isn't hitting the web anytime soon.

Gwen Stefani is teasing us about new music.

So are these guys.

This is 59.
Wesley Snipes isn't getting out of jail soon.

Can we officially be done with Paris Hilton?

New couple or just friendly coworkers?

If Katie Couric's new gig doesn't work out, all that's left is cable.

Now, I think Rihanna is making a public cry for help.

Guys say Jennifer Aniston was hot this decade.

A couple of young stars are engaged.

What? Don't all friends do this?
MTV Movie Awards carry no weight with me. But I do like to see what these kids are wearing.

This makes me love Reese Witherspoon even more.

And joking about being a father when your ex-girlfriend is knocked up and not naming a baby daddy is not funny.

Piers Morgan's wife is preggers.

A country singer's house went up in flames.

I don't love her movies, but Cameron Diaz's body - WOW!
Mark Wahlberg has changed.

Gwen Stefani's son took a big tumble.

ZOMG! Christina Aguilera has cellulite!

Oh, Pee Wee!

The Dallas reboot sounds a lot like Desperate Housewives - and that's not a good thing.

I kind of agree with the way Angelina Jolie is educating her clan.

FINALLY! A director recognizes we don't need to see every movie in 3D!

Here's how Two And A Half Men is handling Charlie Sheen's goodbye.

Italian Vogue thinks these ladies are plus-sized.
Ben Affleck had a black eye.

Lindsay Lohan makes house arrest sound like fun.

Sean Parker wants you to know he's no Justin Timberlake.

Courtney Love is apparently going to use all the Kurt Cobain cash on legal fees.

Jeremy Piven should maybe work a little more if he wants to use his celeb status to get out of a ticket.

I'm a little surprised Bobby Brown is still alive.

But Whitney seems committed to recovery.

I hope Adele feels better soon.

Kate Hudson does not look like a happy pregnant lady.
When Russell Crowe teaches acting, I bet the class pays attention.

Jennifer Aniston appears to have a new boyfriend.

A supposed new couple will be in a movie together.

I totally love Frances McDormand's style.

Kelsey Grammer only wants custody of his son?

Rest in peace, James Arness.

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