Friday, June 24, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I had no idea these two were dating, so the pregnancy news surprises me.

If you want Katherine Hepburn's estate, it'll cost you a whole lotta money.

Salma Hayek sometimes makes a fashion faux pas.
Kim Kardashian x-rayed her, um, asset.

This explains why Missy Elliott hasn't been making music.

I am becoming more interested in the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

Sounds like the next Bond theme song will rock!

I will watch this Aaron Sorkin project.

Peter Frampton is getting divorced.

Two things about this photo: 1) Halle Berry's daughter is adorable; 2) The holes in her top tank make it look like she has blue nipples (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Sara Ramirez is engaged.

Some guy attacked Justin Bieber.

Courtney Love was burned in a fire.

One of those Glee kids wasn't so squeaky clean in his teen years.

Donald Trump got a raise, but it's probably not as much as you heard.

Tobey Maguire is a gambler.

Miley Cyrus.
Hoda Kotb is taking her boyfriend to meet her parents. That is a sentence I thought I'd never type.

Chris Brown still disgusts me.

Lindsay Lohan may go back to jail. Or not - at least not this time.

George Clooney is single again.

Here's how Beyonce is selling her new album.

Ryan O'Neal is still a jerk.

Don't let anyone tell you werewolves aren't hot.
Sad news about the "Rhinestone Cowboy."

Did you hear this superhero is going to die?

The actress who plays the same eye rolling character in just about every romantic comedy is engaged.

James Blunt is not funny.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are shopping pictures of their babies. That's good parenting!

I had no idea Weird Al was still doing this.

This story about the new Muppet movie made me smile.

A few guys want to replace Christopher Meloni on Law & Order: SVU.

Here's one "celebrity" wedding I won't be watching.

They're not even divorced, but it appears Arnold Schwarzenegger is already paying child support.

These two look even better in real life than they do on Mad Men.
I'm sad for Zsa Zsa Gabor.

House arrest isn't keeping Lindsay Lohan from earning a paycheck.

Aretha Franklin is hurt.

50 Cent is writing a book.

Kind of surprised by Nicole Richie's dance moves.

How do we get word to Paris Hilton that we don't want her to release more music?

Madonna must be between Botox treatments.
This Man vs. Wild episode will at least be adorable.

I guess we'll never know which celeb is full of herpes.

I find this story about a celeb girl fight to be unbelievable.

This is some of the creepiest wedding news I've seen in a while.

Sean Kingston is doing better after that jet ski accident.

These three guys may be in the running to replace Regis.

Justin Bieber is just like every other boy (well, except he's richer and probably spends more on hair products).
John Travolta and Kelly Preston have one cute baby!

If you're looking for songs to add to your summer listening list, check these out.

Can't a new celebrity couple wear a bit of jewelry without people speculating about their future?

Statements like this don't make Heidi Montag seem the least bit credible.

I don't think Venus Williams cares about what she looks like on the tennis court.

I really hope this doesn't become a trend. Or this.
If anyone cares, there's a new Miss USA.

Daytime Emmy winners were announced last weekend.

Not the least bit surprised Hugh Hefner has a new blond girl. This Hef news also does not surprise me.

Angelina Jolie is making the world a better place.

A Bond director trashed the last film.

I don't know what Sacha Baron Cohen's next movie is about, but this makes me a little more interested.
Jennifer Lopez had a wardrobe malfunction.

Tone Loc was arrested.

Don't hold your breath for an Amy Winehouse comeback.

Keanu Reeves is writing a book.

Note: never call anyone Hitler if you're working for Steven Spielberg.

Rosanna Arquette is engaged.

Oh, Heidi Klum! NOOO!
A former boy bander is getting into the TV biz.

Judging by this list, I should get my invite to The Academy any time now.

A former kid actor says he's running for office.

I am more and more interested in Rock of Ages.

Katie Holmes being honored for her work in film is a joke, right?

New goal: churn out an album so I can tour and retire.

How Oprah is spending her summer vacation: building her network.

Rest in peace, Clarence Clemons.

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