Sunday, September 16, 2012

How To Make Your Dog Hate You

I love my dog. He loves me. Mostly.

I see his eyes when I get out an old Halloween costume. Well, I see them before he turns to leave the room. I see them again when I catch up to him and use my "This is going to be fun!" voice.

It's a look that begs me not to do it. He's embarrassed. He does not want to be a superhero, hot dog or spider (all costumes we've tried and he ruled out). He makes it impossible for me to get a picture of him.

So why did I find it hard not to linger in the costume aisle at Target? Is it because my dog's tolerance of a rainslicker when it's wet and a sweater when it's cold gives me hope that he'll see the fun in a costume? Is it because I want to remind him that I'm really the boss?

Probably not. I think it's because I have an unrealistic idea of what I want my dog to be: sweet and incredibly patient when I'm crazy. And look cute while posing in one of these costumes.
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