Friday, September 28, 2012

The Truth About Dogs

My dog had been sleeping on a floor cushion with a blanket for years. We were both OK with that until I decided to wash it. It was dirty and smelled, well, like dog. The problem: there was no way to wash it without ruining it. So I threw it out and bought a new one.
Not just any bed would do for my sweet dog. I bought one from the Martha Stewart collection at PetsMart. For $60. I put it in the same place as the old bed, then put Charley in it. Not interested. I moved it and planted treats in it. He found them without getting in it. I tried calling it the special, fancy, expensive bed - showing him how plush and soft it was. Nothing.

I couldn't take it back. So it sat there. Empty. Sad. Might as well have been a pile of cash for the dog - both meant nothing to him.

A few months later, I had this cheap (supposedly) lightweight comforter on my bed from Target. With each weekly washing, the batting would start to move around. One day, fresh out of the dryer, the batting magically became a lumpy roll in the center of the piece. I couldn't get it straightened out. I didn't want to throw it out yet. So I grabbed the scissors, cut a small hole on the underside and pulled out the stuffing. By the time I had my bed situated, Charley made himself at home.
He found a squishy bed he could adjust on a whim. It was also turf the cat wasn't interested in exploring. He thought he hit the dog bed jackpot.

I was sad for the fancy bed. I moved it to a corner of the living room where the cat doesn't roam. I put Charley's blanket in it and hoped some day he'd give it a chance.

One morning, I couldn't find Charley. I called his name. I heard his tags. He was sleeping in the fancy bed!
He doesn't always go there. Some days he prefers the pile of batting. I will have to throw that out at some point. But I do find him in the fancy bed a few times a week.

So here's my lesson to all you dog owners: NEVER tell a dog how much something costs. He doesn't care. Unless you tell him how much your new shoes cost - then he'll think they're a delicious snack.
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