Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Did It!

I always vote early. I just don't like waiting until Election Day. What if something happens and I can't get to my precinct? Every time I've voted, I've never had to stand in a long line. Until this time.

The line at my usual place stretched to the parking lot. I was surrounded by mostly old people who wondered why there weren't places for them to sit and wait. At first, I didn't see the need for that. Forty-five minutes later, I understood. That's a long time to stand if you're elderly and your regular activity is chain smoking (that's what I assume from what I was smelling).

Once I finally got to my voting machine, I started the clock. I wasn't going to take on the longest ballot in county history without knowing exactly how long it to me to click my way through each screen! Just under five minutes later, I was out the door with my sticker!

Sure, it was 50 minutes out of my day. But it's important!
My trip to the polls in pictures
Oh. I also saw this.
I don't know what you call it, but the potential to spy that should be on your list of reasons to head to the polls!
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