Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's been a while since I've shared the silly license plates spotted on the roads. So let's get right to it!

This one might be a tad hard to read, but the butt of this pickup reads "SAMANU."

I can only assume the driver is a Spurs fan who has some sort of crush on Manu Ginobili.

Or the driver wants other Spurs fans to think that's Manu's truck. I'm pretty sure that in all the car ads I've seen him in he's never pimped GMC or pickups. Suckers.

Just honk and wave if you like the team/player. If you don't, you can wave something else as you pass this truck.

"PORVIDA?" Really?

Your "for life" plate comes attached to a taxi yellow Porsche?

What kind of colorblind mid-life crisis is this guy having? Even though I can't see the driver, I'd bet my cat AND dog that the person behind the wheel is a dude pretending he doesn't have a receding hairline.

Seriously, dudeoldenoughtobemydad, put that away. You're creeping me out.

This car probably belongs to someone who either sits courtside at NBA games or has one of those fancy boxes with the waiter and the free-flowing cocktails. You know, too good for beer out of a plastic cup.

But number four? That must have been such a let down at the license plate window.

Also, I can see your unoriginality from here.


This guy totally thinks we're all dumb.


Now, I have seen enough Batman movies to know the actual Batmobile is a million times cooler than that.

Just because your car is black and sleek doesn't mean you share the same ride as a superhero. I know this because I'm fairly certain Batman is not real (and by default, the Batmobile is just for movies and not actual street driving - otherwise super rich douchebags would be cruising the streets in one of these and last time I checked Justin Bieber wasn't rolling in one).

I do give this driver credit for snagging the black plate with "BATMBLE" on it. Apparently, all other wannabesuperheroes are too slow to grab that one. I just wish I knew what this driver looked like. I mean, if he's wearing a bat suit, it would make my day! Also, I've never seen an actual crazy person driving so it'd be like a double point score on my crazy game board!
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