Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make Believe Conversations

I often find myself having a conversation with someone who is real but not with me.



But I feel better after I've imaginarily talked myself through an issue with someone. I'd have a real conversation, but people like James Carville and Kim Jong-Un won't give me their phone numbers.

So, when I was flipping through Vanity Fair, I was excited when I came across this:
You'll have to click the image to see a larger version of it - and it's worth it (though some of you might not like the language). Just two dudes having a little conversation about food. Which is really funny if you read the fake Kim Jong-Un's tweets.

That little fake exchange made me happy! I was already pleasantly surprised by this story of a man who was born in India, managed to wind up far from home, was adopted by Australians, moved there, then decided to go back to his home to find out if  his mother ever looked for him. Seriously, friends, you should read that story.

Now, I just look forward to getting the Daniel Craig interview (because he's my favorite Bond)!

What else could this magazine have in store? I don't know but it's already been fun reading!
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