Friday, September 11, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Demi Moore is getting fashion advice for her 15-year-old daughter from Perez Hilton. Well, not really fashion advice, more like mothering advice. Because letting a gay man advise you on your teenage daughter's attire is TOTALLY appropriate.

I don't know if she's just trying to get people to watch the new "Melrose Place" or what, but Ashlee Simpson has officially shared too much information about her non-"acting" talents.

They can dance with "The Stars," but it appears Maksim and Karina won't dance together - unless ABC forces them to do it.

Most underwhelming moment of the week: Tyra Banks and her weave-free reveal. She followed that one by dedicating a whole show to period talk (and I don't mean punctuation). SOOO glad I don't record her show!

Janet Jackson will pay tribute to Michael at the VMAs
. I'm guessing Tito and Jermaine were busy.

Lindsay Lohan has a new job...and I'm not sure I can respect Ungaro.

Nicole Richie and that husband of hers had a baby boy
. They named him Sparrow. I'm 99% sure she's already a size zero again.

Kanye apparently fell asleep and got punked.

Katherine Heigl is adopting a baby.

Ellen is replacing Paula Abdul on "American Idol."

Jennifer Aniston isn't just an "actress." She can sing, too.

"Sex and The City" sequel spoiler alert: there might be a wedding!

Confession: I like Barry Manilow in small doses. I don't think I could handle an entire movie with his music...unless there's alcohol involved and I can make it a drinking game.

Say it ain't so! Phil Collins is not able to drum anymore! Guess that gives him more time to wander The Alamo.

Mischa Barton wasn't crazy after all! She was just suffering from wisdom tooth surgery. Yeah. That makes perfect sense.

I wavered on including the whole Tila Tequila mess, but now I'm gonna cave. Check out these pictures of her injuries. If you want to see just how crazy this whole thing is, check out Tila's twitter page.

I'm not sure Kurt Cobain would have wanted to play Bon Jovi tunes if he was still alive. Those who knew him say he wouldn't. It's weird, no?
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