Friday, September 18, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

When I saw people tweeting about Kanye & Taylor, I had no idea what happened (I don't watch the VMAs because (a) not a 15-year-old girl, (b) MTV doesn't play videos - except for 20 second clips between reality shows and (c) I was watching GOOD TV - True Blood and Mad Men). Once I was enlightened, I went online to see Kanye in full jerk mode.

I'd say this pretty much sums up my feelings. Kanye apologized on his blog. It took two days, but Kanye finally called Taylor to apologize. End of story? I'm waiting for the announced trip to rehab any minute. But wait - maybe it was -eek- STAGED?!?!?

Harrison Ford can't walk away from the whip. Ew - perverts! I'm talking about Indiana Jones 5!

As much as I hate that whole "bucket list" phrase, Teri Hatcher is making me think I should have one.

So, you know how I keep pointing out that Megan Fox is (a) not an actress and (b) crazy? Looks like I'm right. Now, take back those mean things you've been saying about me. And if you're STILL refusing, read this.

OK. Maybe you don't have to take it back. Angelina Jolie has a way of making me feel like the world's biggest slacker.

Let's call this item "When Crazies Trade Insults." Whitney Houston spent two days talking on Oprah about her wacky past. She says Bobby Brown spit in her face (among other things). Bobby B says he was bored.

Michael Douglas will play Liberace on the big screen. Matt Damon will play the part of his lover. I know Michael has had the plastic surgery to pull this off, but I have to ask - are we being punked?

Poor Jessica Simpson can't catch a break! Her dog was snatched by a coyote. I don't have the heart to tell her coyotes (a) can't read and (b) her dog has probably been eaten by now.

Kate Gosselin apparently wants her own talk show. Take a number.

In case you've forgotten, Tori Spelling has aliens living inside her chest. Wait. Maybe those are implants?

Burt Reynolds goes to rehab. For pills. I'm thinking my doctor didn't give me good enough drugs when I had my surgery. Should I be worried that he's back on the streets already?

Bobby Brown is headed to fat camp ... for money ... on Celebrity Fit Club.

I have previously stated my dislike of Katherine Heigl. However, these pictures of her new daughter are too cute!

This is most likely the ONLY time I will ever say this: I wish Michael Jackson had been my dad.

It looks like anyone wanting to see New Moon will have to wait a few weeks to get into the theater.

I haven't forgotten Patrick Swayze died. Yeah, yeah. He was great in the movies. But this is my favorite performance of his.
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