Friday, January 15, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

I don't care what the new tattoo looks like, but, here's a picture of David Beckham without a shirt.

Gary Coleman doesn't want you to see his wiener. Um, Gary, on behalf of America, we don't want to see it.

That "Dance Your Ass Off" show would rather have a host who does not need to lose her ass.

I might be interested in Human League's new album.

Derek Jeter may/may not be engaged to Minka Kelly.

If you like "Spider-Man," this seems to be bad news.

Megan Fox is still not proving to me that she's an actress.

At least Eva Mendes is just putting it all out there, not pretending to be some serious actress.

What to do with people who went "looking for love" on TV and failed? Give them another shot at being fame whores!

The State of Indiana thinks it's found a way to get people to come there and it has to do with Michael Jackson.

I'm not sure who Channing Tatum is, but the fact that he nearly boiled his penis off is probably more than I should know about him.

Beyonce has decided to take some time off this year. What will I do without this diva?

Here's a movie that hasn't even started shooting and I'm already excited about it!

Heidi Montag says she's addicted to plastic surgery and is trying to make her best self. Well, if she really meant that, she'd stop putting out what she calls music. (And if you've been lucky to miss out on that, apologies for the introduction here)

Dexter has cancer. Well, not Dexter, but the guy who plays him.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing things to her nether regions that are terrifying.

Oh, so this is what Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan are really doing. Now I get it!

Who will protect the world from looking at a Lindsay Lohan sex tape?

Just so you know, Lady GaGa has help deciding how little clothing she's going to wear.

OMG. I DIE. Seriously. I would die if I looked like Rachel Zoe.

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