Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

Michael Douglas is sharing too much. Really.

Lily Allen is not perfect.

Not surprising: Gary Coleman arrested. Surprising: ladies still going out with him.

LOVE Dolly Parton, but if I ever start to resemble her, I beg you to please get me some help.

Unlike SOME people, I do not love Taylor Swift. I like her. She's talented. But if she's doing more than making music with John Mayer, I won't even tolerate her.. Look - it's JOHN MAYER! If his penis doesn't fall off by the time he's 40, it only be a result of a miracle - or REALLY strong antibiotics.

I have seen the future and this is what Lindsay Lohan will look like (assuming she's alive in 30 years).

If this is true, John Edwards is beyond a creep.

When this kid winds up coked out and shooting up strip clubs before he's 18, he will have only his famous father to blame.

If I was Heidi Klum, I'd ask Madame Tussauds to give this another shot.

I thought security was supposed to be better at The White House.

Half of Milli Vanilli says everyone's copying what they did and no one's mad about it.

I'm sure you were dying to get your hands on the "SBTB" book written by Dustin (Don't Call Me Screech) Diamond. No need to buy it.

I'm a little sad about "Ugly Betty" being canceled, but happy it appears I'll get some closure on this one.

I'd like to thank Jessica Simpson for being one of the few celebrities who lives up to my expectations.

The lady with the man's voice will NOT return to "DWTS."

I believe Victoria Beckham when she says she and J-Lo wear the same dress size. Really. I do.

The tale of two seniors: Do. Don't.
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