Friday, January 8, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Jennifer Lopez kicked off 2010 in a bodysuit. Somehow, her butt doesn't look as big as I remembered (if you tell me that means mine has gotten larger, you should know knuckle sandwiches are today's special).

If you're looking for a pointless reality show with "celebrities," this may be for you.

Vince Vaughn is a married man (and Jennifer Aniston is probably wearing a sad face).

Russell Brand kissed Katy Perry and he liked it so much, he proposed.

Also engaged: Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood and Jane Krakowski and some designer guy.

Kate Gosselin wants us to forget about her horrible hair cut by filling it in with what appear to be low-end extensions.

Look out world: There's another Kardashian sister making waves.

George Costanza wants to slim down in public.

Maybe NBC is re-thinking that Jay Leno experiment? And could bad things happen to Conan? Or is it all in Conan's hands?

Take that, "Glitter!" Mariah Carey won an award for wearing a mustache, I mean acting in a movie. And she gave this drunkity drunk speech.

OMG! The President is trying to schedule his State of the Union address and it could conflict with "American Idol" or "Lost!" THE HORROR!

Not funny: Comedian Artie Lange stabbed himself. Hope he gets help.

If the Lady GaGa/Polaroid partnership means I can take a photo of myself and I will be GaGa'd, then I am SO buying a Polaroid camera! You know, something like this.

Mario Lopez will host anything.

A bunch of people with familiar names are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro - not just for the publicity.

Heidi Klum is combining what she knows: pregnancy and clothing.

I so loved that new "Sherlock Holmes" movie and am hoping Robert Downey, Jr., didn't screw up the chance at a sequel!

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