Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trying To Do Good

Last weekend, I was reading Marie Claire, OOHING and AAHING over the products, shoes and bags, when I read one article that made me drop everything.

Caitlin Emma talked about how she became a bone marrow donor. I didn't realize being a donor was as easy as swabbing your cheeks! Her story explains how years later, she was contacted because she was a match to a young child with leukemia. The story explains how the donation works, who pays for it and (SPOILER ALERT) has a happy ending. So, I figured if it's that easy to save a life, what's stopping me?

I went to the website mentioned in the story, answered a few questions and figured it would be a few weeks before I received a swab kit in the mail.


I got it in days. This morning, I opened the package.
Nerves. Now, this means business.
I don't know why my hands got a bit shaky as I opened the swabs. All I had to do was rub one on the inside of each cheek for a few seconds, then put them in the little case, stuff that in an envelope and drop it into the mail. I am so amazed at science that something so important can start with something so simple!

So, there. I did it.
Who knows if I'll ever be a match to someone? But I've taken the step to at least offer my marrow if anyone out there needs it. What's your excuse?
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