Friday, August 5, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Once again, Sofia Vergara points out she is not like the rest of us.

George Clooney might be dating a former wrestler.

Gerard Butler looks a little skinny, no?
While I was sleeping, Nicki Minaj did this on morning television.

Rihanna likes bikinis.

Brandy has a new job.

Old hotties aren't worried about young hotties.

So, now there's a foundation to un-Amy Winehouse troubled people.

Four guys + three babies = not a movie.

Fashionable wedding ahead! Michael Kors is getting married.

I still don't know what a Channing Tatum is, but it is strong.

What the Liza Minnelli!?!?

Maria Menounous has found new work.

I will not get on board with a Short Circuit reboot unless it includes The Gutte.

Kate Bosworth may have already moved on from my favorite vampire.

Hmmm... I don't buy this story.

I'm beginning to think Tom Brady might be one of those pretty people who doesn't smell fresh.

Have you seen the new Superman?

Or Anne Hathaway as Catwoman?

MDA is without Jerry Lewis.

Jennifer Lopez is designing clothes for Kohls.

Kirstie Alley scored a scripted show.

FYI: Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera are not pals.

Most of Heather Locklear is almost 50.
I'm pretty sure the world would be just fine without this lady on DWTS.

Here's how Will and Jada Pinkett Smith live.

Mila Kunis is kinda tough.

The Academy Awards have announced its honorary award recipients.

Oprah is still working hard.

So, Martha Stewart runs her business like prison?

Anyone else think this Kardashian sister is a little too skinny?
News like this makes it really hard for me to quit Bravo.

Kelly Clarkson is now in a girl band.

Brace yourself for a Green Lantern sequel.

Matt Damon is REALLY on Team Teacher.

A handsome actor who hasn't been on TV for about a decade is getting divorced.

Linda Evangelista is asking for a whole lot of child support from Salma Hayek's husband.

Charlie Sheen's Two And A Half Men is definitely not coming back.

Kelly Osbourne offers this photo as proof Coco's behind is all real.
One of Lindsay Lohan's exes was arrested.

Another jailbird: the son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal.

I'm excited about the Friday Night Lights movie!

After reading MTV's reality show contract, I cannot believe these kids are the future of America (assuming they survive their 20s).

Not surprised Heidi Klum is rocking a bikini.

New mom Mariah Carey is wearing mom-appropriate beach attire.

Katy Perry's new hair color isn't my favorite.
30 Rock will go on without Alec Baldwin. Can I?

Jennifer Lopez is not finished talking about the end of her marriage. And why is she making this much money?

I am becoming more optimistic about the new show Up All Night.

Ryan Phillippe may or may not be a new dad, but the baby has his last name.

Sean Hayes is coming back to television. Withholding judgement until I see the preview.

Yeah. This is one normal family.
Helen Mirren has the Body of The Year. Take THAT, Cameron Diaz!

I kind of want these two to become a couple.

Hey! Lindsay Lohan got some work! But she did manage to lose this job.

I like the toned-down Rihanna way more than I like this one.

Anyone else surprised to hear that U2 toured for 26 months?

Fellas, I give you Olivia Munn. I just wish I could find her funny.
Fantasia is preggers.

If you have a few million to spare, you could buy one of the late Katherine Hepburn's homes.

Technically, Ke$ha's tour is smokin' hot.

Kim Kardashian teaches us all a very important lesson here.

Here's a sneak peek at the new Batman movie.

Sounds like some Two And A Half Men peeps are Team Sheen.

Hello, Hugh Jackman!
Kings of Leon made some Dallas fans angry. Then, they canceled their whole tour.

Hey, look! Lindsay Lohan is still falling down in public!

REALLY wish Hugh Hefner would stop talking about his "sex life."

Ladies, let Maggie Gyllenhaal's chest be a reminder to ALWAYS wear a bra.

Is Andy Dick ever NOT in trouble?

Pamela Anderson's boys might not like seeing their mom like this.

I wonder if celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, will regret finger tattoos?
Clark Gable's grandson was arrested.

Al Pacino's daughter was arrested.

I wonder if Jenny McCarthy had a falling out with The Oprah?

It seems Rosie O'Donnell is still in O's good graces.

Speaking of Oprah, I'm surprised this is her new office.

Seems like Gwyneth Paltrow thinks this is funny.

Meatloaf became, well, meatloaf during a performance.

Rest in peace, Bubba Smith.

And Annette Charles.
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