Friday, August 12, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Al Pacino makes a pretty good Phil Spector.
Justin Timberlake, this is not the return to music I wanted from you.

A restaurant owner made some (apparently untrue) allegations about Adam Sandler.

If you look at these pictures of beach bum Gisele, wipe them from your memory before you put on your bathing suit.

True Blood is sticking around another year.

All that tanning may have caught up with George Hamilton.

I hope stage parents listen to Corey Feldman.

Miranda Cosgrove nearly died.

Kanye West fell down. Hard.

I'm pretty sure I could buy every single Danskin piece and not look like this.

Eva Mendes works out.

Fergie walked out of an interview.

Roseanne is planning on leaving her nut farm for scripted TV.

Ricki Lake is engaged.

Don't try this unless you're Aretha Franklin.

Gwyneth Paltrow makes it hard for me to like her.

Want to watch Crazytown?

Can't wait to not watch Tyler Perry's network.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, fresh from his divorce, is getting married.

Here's Gerard Butler.
Viola Davis is going to be a mom.

Mila Kunis speaks the truth (and it's not what I want to hear).

No new judges on American Idol next year.

The Kardashians are writing another book I won't read.

OY! Another remake is coming to TV!

Revlon has good taste.

How is this not child pornography?

Anyone else think Snooki looks like Christina Aguilera's sister?
There will not be a Monkees tour.

Loretta Lynn is hurt.

Greg Allman is sick.

I'd get on board with The King's Speech on Broadway if it included Colin Firth.

Not necessary: Smurf movie sequel.

Oh, reality show contestants are so sensitive!

Mad Meners are back at work!
I can only hope millions of dollars don't do to Lindsay Lohan's sister what they've done to her.

This is a bad idea.

So you can sleep at night, here's how Angelina Jolie and her brood are handling the London riots.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a sad, sad girl.

Here's a totally unbelievable story about Jenifer Aniston.

George Lopez has been given the boot.

I hope the Ghost of Patrick Swayze crashes the Dirty Dancing remake before it even starts filming.

Oprah REALLY knows how to get me not to watch OWN. But you can have your own Oprah on your coffee table.

Here's how Rihanna does vacation.
Are there problems at The Talk (I mean, other than it trying to be The View)?

I'm lukewarm on scripted shows hitting the big screen. I am absolutely opposed to reality shows being turned into movies.

Michael Jackson's kids are nice.

Since Andy Cohen's being offered a lot of money for his memoir, it must be juicy and worth a read. Or something.

Simon Cowell apparently doesn't think highly of Paula Abdul.

Lady Gaga has apparently run out of lady looks, so she's gone dude.
I'm beginning to think this newly-engaged actress might have a problem.

Someone attacked Gavin DeGraw.

I was on board with that Three Stooges movie until this.

Things like this make me like Taylor Swift (not her music - I still find that screechy).

Pretty sure I won't read this book.

Kelly Rowland let people see a little too much of her.

It's not cheap to be Rihanna.

Here's Suri Cruise looking age appropriate.
Jane Fonda is talking about herself.

Kanye says he's misunderstood.

Even though I know Desperate Housewives is ending, I won't watch the final season. And this lady probably won't be watching.

Mila Kunis wants you to know she doesn't like Justin Timberlake like that.

I think Outkast's Big Boi is a bit creepy now.

Sofia Vergara's breasts are always looking for a new home.

I'm guessing instead of "Cheese!" the girls try to imagine they're not underdressed while standing next to their great grandfather.
Gwyneth Paltrow The Singer might be happening.

Ethan Hawke has a new baby girl.

Sounds like Daniel Craig's ex is from Crazytown. It's just past Revengeville.

Two And A Half Men has officially moved on without Charlie Sheen.

I'm gonna trust in Judd Apatow for his casting of Megan Fox in the Knocked Up sequel.

The Amazing Spiderman hasn't even been released, but there's already a release date for the sequel.

Shaquille O'Neal's girlfriend looks like any other girl next to him - tiny.
If you're kind of a celebrity and have an endorsement deal for an anti-aging product, it's not wise to get plastic surgery.

Adele's next album might be a little more country-ish.

Queen Latifah is talking about what she likes in a lady.

I didn't know Mr. Bean earned enough to own and crash a $1 million car.

Victoria Beckham shared a cute picture of her baby girl being held by David Beckham.

Movie that's not necessary: Barbie.

You might have missed another awards show that doesn't really matter.

Rest in peace, Jani Lane.

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