Saturday, March 10, 2012

How I Spent A Rainy Saturday

I decided not to spend the entire cold, wet Saturday they way I usually would - curled up on the sofa reading a book or watching a movie. I decided to do more than just "like" or "repin" pictures from Pinterest.

I made this.
I consider it a crafty project because I started with this.
I put a layer of rocks at the bottom.
Then, I put in a pretty layer of green moss.
Then, some nice, messy dirt.
I carefully placed the succulents.

I didn't plan to write about this, so I didn't document the names of the plants. I basically just chose them for their color and shape. I'm hoping I can keep them alive (and also keep the cat's giant head out of the container). Even those the plants were only $3 each, I don't want to keep replacing them. 
They're just pretty!
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