Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Movies

Now that the Oscars are behind us, it's time for Hollywood to throw out movies that people will probably forget about next awards season. Still, there are a few movies I might see.

The Lorax

This is kind of cute. I will Netflix this one.

Being Flynn

Robert De Niro movies always get a glance from me - though not necessarily in the theater.

Friends With Kids

Jon Hamm? Yep. I'm in.

21 Jump Street

Only in the privacy of my own home.

Jeff Who Lives At Home

I think I could maybe make this viewing a drinking game.

Mirror Mirror

The only reason I'm curious about this one: Julia Roberts is bad.


I can watch this in the daytime.

What I'll Skip:
  • Project X - I am probably the age of the parents of the kids who are most likely excited about this movie.
  • Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie - This is the kind of movie that should really just be a five minute internet clip.
  • John Carter - I don't have a beef with Disney, but this movie seems less realistic than a cartoon. I can't do this (even though Taylor Kitsch is super hot).
  • A Thousand Words - I am past the point of rooting for an Eddie Murphy comeback.
  • Silent House - ANOTHER scary house movie? No, thanks.
  • Goon - I bet this one is out of the theaters before the end of April.
  • The Hunger Games - Never read the books because they didn't interest me, so I think it's OK for me to skip the movies.
  • Wrath of The Titans - Ugh. Mythology.
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