Friday, March 9, 2012

Week In Pop Culture

Is it me or is Nicole Kidman's face starting to look a wee bit natural?
Jessica Biel's engagement ring has been revealed.

Knowing a major character on Desperate Housewives will die, I still won't watch the remaining episodes.

Here's one more reason I love Jon Hamm.

Eva Longoria is single.

Rihanna's dad sounds like a jerk.

That Lone Ranger movie is happening.

Whitney Houston's will doesn't include Bobby Brown.

January Jones took her boy out.
One of the Olsen twins is not acting anymore.

If you want to live like Carrie Bradshaw, you better have a LOT of money.

Kristen Johnson is lucky to be alive.

Here's a possible new couple.

Elisabeth Moss doesn't seem to want to talk about her ex.

Jennifer Love Hewitt makes me feel a little sad for her - like she's seen a few too many rom-coms.

I think there was a lot of retouching on this cover photo.
Mariah Carey looks good after her weight loss, but she might be a tad too old to wear this.

Sarah Jessica Parker is also too old for this look.

David Arquette is single.

Cher says she means it when she says her farewell tour will be her last.

Despite Katherine Heigl's begging, she won't be returning to Grey's Anatomy.

Tina Fey managed to not make it to Lindsay Lohan's SNL.

Speaking of Lindsay, she might be going out with a guy who could be her dad.

Here's Tom Hanks's son.
A Muppets sequel without Jason Segel doesn't sound fun.

Elizabeth Berkley is pregnant.

This celeb email mixup is pretty funny.

REALLY Jermaine Jackson?

Dick Clark's Malibu home sounds like a steal.

A Backstreet Boy's jewels were stolen.

I don't understand how Coco's booty works.

Amy Poehler's boy is super cute!
This is exactly why no one (including Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn) should take pictures of themselves in varying states of undress.

LOVE Tina Fey, but I'm not so sure about this.

Ruben Studdard has tax troubles again.

Some rapper was shot.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are expecting a baby.

David Hasselhoff should not do this. EVER.

Kirk Cameron has completely turned me off (not that he cares).

Anderson Cooper is selling his apartment.

Not Queen Latifah's best here.
Vanity Fair's Oscar party looked like fun!

Kirsten Dunst's crush is douchey.

The main guy on Hawaii 5-O is in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan's return to SNL was only a hit for the person holding cue cards.

So, Olivia Wilde...
Ghostbusters 3 without Bill Murray? No, thank you.

Demi Moore is out of rehab.

A Big Bang Theory actress is no longer engaged.

Oh, good. ANOTHER remake of Psycho.

Rest in peace Jimmy Ellis.

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