Monday, March 26, 2012

I Knew It!

A while back, I suspected those mascara ads were fakes. To borrow from Clueless, you could say those ads were full-on Monets - all pretty lashes from afar, but when you look closely you can see they're not the spokesmodel's actual lashes. If you're too lazy to click my link detailing it, look here:
Taylor Swift's gorgeous lashes are simply too good to be true. I'm not the only one who thinks so. The National Advertising Division (that's apparently a REAL thing) has banned that CoverGirl ad. They have more power than yours truly to say, "ENOUGH!" That's a relief because I'm tired of buying tube after tube of mascara hoping to come close to full, long lashes promised by each company. I'm stuck with what I have.

But that may not be the case with hair color. I have never really trusted those celebrity do-it-at-home hair color ads. Am I to believe that some multi-million dollar earning lady is putting on an old t-shirt, slopping on hair color out of a box and getting the perfectly-toned and subtly highlighted hair? NO! Because I can't get that out of a box. So imagine my disappointment when my (imagined) big sister Tina Fey showed up on my TV like this:

Note: apologies for the poor quality of video but it's the best I could find.

She's definitely sassy enough for a commercial like this, but let's take a look at her in the "wild" (AKA on the red carpet) recently:
Notice how the hair isn't all one color (like you get out of a box no matter how many "highlights" they promise you'll get from one application of a single process color)? I'll even concede that she has some extensions to make that poof a little fancier.

Now, look at her in the commercial:
Not only is there no way that's her hair (look at those bangs), I have NEVER seen Tina with hair that long. Even this Google image search couldn't find a picture of Tina with long hair that was not from these Garnier commercials!

I'm not shaking a finger (or even a fist) at Tina. I didn't even fault the likes of Beyonce or Sarah Jessica Parker for trying to trick me into buying hair color so I could be just like them. I'm just saying there should be some disclosure (and REAL hair) used in these ads! Why don't they use their actual colorists in these ads? They could show ladies how to achieve star-quality hair out of a box - even if it takes more than one box or product to do it? That'd be real. It'd be helpful. And it might just keep me from shouting, "LIES!" at the TV. My dog would really appreciate that.
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