Friday, November 30, 2012

More Bad Ideas

Have you ever thought, "I'd REALLY love to have a picnic, but there aren't any tables around?" Then you might not think this is such a bad idea.
Friends, strangers who are reading this - THESE ARE PICNIC PANTS!

I'll admit, they seem kind of practical here. But take a look at them when you're not having a meal served on your crotchal region:

They're like the ugly stepsister to Hammer Pants. I also think that silvery stretchy "table" part looks like a heat trap. Who wants to cook their privates? Oh, you do? Then you should buy these and send me a picture of you putting them to good use. I'll only judge for a few minutes. Really. I have issues with my short-term memory.

Here's another fashion misstatement.
Those dresses were really made to show off what the designer calls a "woman's best asset." It's definitely NOT something to wear to the office or any work-related functions - UNLESS your work involves some sort of prostitution. That seems like it's encouraged by the designer:

The idea behind, designee and create this sexy strings and sexy dresses was our endeavor to go against the preoccupation that exists for sex.

Oh. Now I get it. If you buy any of these dresses, PLEASE DO NOT send me a picture of you wearing it. And if you do buy one, wait until it's warm outside. Not to sound all grandmotherly, but you'll catch a cold and die. Or something.
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