Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh. THIS Also Happens.

As a kid, I remember cartoons that would depict the mean old lady as having a random hair growing out of her face. I'm adding this to things moms don't talk about until you say, "I have to put tweezers in every room because I find a random hair that does not belong in some places."

I'm not going to talk too much about my random hairs except to say I almost called The Guinness Book of World Records recently because I found a hair on my neck and as I carefully pulled I thought it wasn't going to end. Really. If it had changed colors, I would have thought it was part of that silly never-ending handkerchief trick clowns do.

I am sad to report this is not just a problem for women. It happens in nature, too.
This is a lady lion. She's not supposed to have that mane. That's for dude lions.

According to this story, she's suffering a hormone imbalance. Even worse, she's being called the "transexual lionness." 


Can't a lady choose to pluck or grow hair on her face without being labeled? I think this lion's treatment is far sadder than every old spinster I've ever seen in a cartoon!

I also dare the people who have given this lionness a bad rep to say that to her face. The outrage and her surging testosterone would no doubt show them a thing or two. And it would be far worse than a catfight. She'd DESTROY them!

Count me on Team Lionness With Mane! I think she's gorgeous!
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