Friday, November 9, 2012

What Am I Looking At?

I am going through a sparkly phase. I love sparkly tops. I love sparkly shoes. I love sparkly makeup. I love sparkly nail polish. Seriously. I might need a sparklevention.

So when I saw this ad, I stopped flipping the pages of Allure magazine.
At first, I was all Oooooh! Blue sparkly nail polish! I need that! Wait a second. Is she showing me where a pimple is/has been? That's not a natural way to show off your manicure. And what the hell is happening with her eye makeup? That random crazy line between her lashes and brow is something that even the late Amy Winehouse would have said no to.

If not for the bottles of Maybelline's sequin collection, I still wouldn't be sure this ad is peddling polish. They should stick to showing off the nails. People who are easily distracted can quickly forget what they want us to buy.

Ooh! Look! The ghost of Lindsay Lohan is on the next page!
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