Thursday, March 14, 2013

Babies Need A Job

Babies are cute. They don't always smell nice, but when not crying they're fun to look at. Like this one:
Here's why this baby is better than most: HE'S WORKING!

That's right, this baby scooting around the floor is actually doing some house work wearing what's called a baby mop! If ever there's a reason to add a child to the family - HERE'S THE BEST EXAMPLE!

I suppose you can't just plop the baby down and walk away. There's probably some pre-cleaning that has to happen (like before a cleaning service comes over and you try to clean up a little so they don't think you're in some sort of competition to be the world's slobbiest person). In this case, you'd probably want to pick up sharp/toxic objects because babies aren't smart enough (YET) to keep things out of their mouths.

This isn't just some random photo I found on the internets. Look. It's a real thing.

So, put your baby to work! You deserve a break!
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