Monday, December 16, 2013

2013: The Fifth Day of Christmas

As a girl who has only recently come around to the idea that gyms are just places where other people go, I appreciate any bit of activity that can keep me out of the place where guys try to lift more weight than they should, then grunt like they're about to give birth. That's why this little item from the Neiman Marcus fantasy catalog kind of excites me.
This circle-y thing is the coolest looking stationary bike I've ever seen! It's called a Ciclotte.
Approaching the machine, you admire its sleek, sculptural appearance. The large wheel is a nod to the unicycles of the late 1800s, but that's where the design-reminiscing ends. Void of the superfluous bells and whistles that characterize most of today's gym equipment, this piece is a study in the power—and beauty—of simplicity. Good looks aside, its dynamic design is rivaled only by its effortless performance.
Sitting astride your cycle, you adjust the angle of the carbon-fiber handles, choose from one of 12 levels of resistance, engage the pedals, and ride, ride, ride your way to a fitter, healthier you. 
I've always wanted to ride a unicycle, but my lack of coordination would probably lead to death. This is a good runner-up. And it has "effortless performance" which probably means I could learn to juggle while peddling (like circus training) and burn, like, a million calories in 10 minutes. NOTE: If this is not what you Neiman Marcus people mean, you should be more clear in your descriptions.

What's better than all that? $1,000 from the sale of these $11,000 bikes goes to charity. DOUBLE WIN!


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