Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013: The First Day of Christmas

My new favorite holiday tradition has become going through the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog to find the most ridiculous things I want (you know, in case a billionaire is reading this and wants to make it one VERY merry Christmas for this stranger). The Fantasy Catalog only has eight things, so I'm going to save those for later. For now, I bring to you the things I want from the regular catalog. Here's the first thing:

That's the Baby Quasar.

NEED. NOW. You want proof? YOU GOT IT!
Those forehead wrinkles have made me start to panic a little. I know they're not Grand Canyon caliber, but if I don't act soon, they could be! Then, they'll start taking the rest of my face with them because HOLY GRAVITY you can't fight it!

So why the Baby Quasar? Well, it's a good start! Baby steps! Here's their pitch:
50% stronger than the Baby Quasar PLUS, the Quasar MD PLUS brings you the next generation of innovation in skincare tools. Now including the most powerful wrinkle-reducing technology ever used before in the Quasar family, the Quasar MD PLUS is the perfect device to keep away those unwanted wrinkles. Improved over previous models, the Quasar MD PLUS is easier to use, more powerful, and now includes perioribital wrinkle reduction technology.
We know you lead a busy lifestyle, so why not use a product that will give you faster results and quicker treatment times? With a larger treatment head and more powerful technology, the Quasar MD PLUS allows you to dedicate your time to the things that really matter and look good while doing so.
SOLD! I mean bought for me by a kind person who thinks I'm worth $795 plus tax/shipping.
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