Saturday, December 28, 2013

Broken BAD

Putting aside all the things I should/could be doing this weekend, I've chosen to watch the Breaking Bad marathon.
Even though I watched this show from the very beginning (I wasn't late to the game like so many of you because I win at choosing TV shows), I couldn't resist the chance to watch the whole series in its entirety. I might have missed a few shows due to sleep and pancakes and such, but I haven't changed the channel while the show has been on.

But that's REALLY hard to do at times.

Not because I've seen these episodes before, but because of the same commercials that keep playing over and over and over.
  1. HEB keeps running an ad showing a post-delivery Santa enjoying a bit of time off. Then it mentions blackberries for less than a dollar. EVERY time I see it, I think, "Wow! Those crappy phones are super cheap!" Then I realize they're literally talking about berries that are black (NOTE: I don't measure my berries by color, I judge them by sweetness because I'm not racist).
  2. There's a promo for a New Year's Eve/Day marathon of The Walking Dead. I love this show, but the promo makes me all shouty. Why? Because it starts with one of my writing peeves: "The year may be almost over..." NO! It IS! There's no MAY BE about it! And since this marathon is actually running on the last day of 2013 and the first day of 2014, I think that makes the scheduling official. 
  3. I love pets. A LOT. I have a cat and a dog and they're both rescues. But every single time those ASPCA ads play, I can't help but reach for the remote/walk out of the room/find my happy place to avoid those spots. I mean, the sad music, the slow pictures of dogs and cats that have been neglected/abused/abandoned - it's just too much! I'm watching a show about a teacher and his flunkie student who make meth and kill people who get in their way. I'm clearly not in a place where I want to see animals these two would probably run over if they saw them in the street.
  4. And on that note, there are a couple of different charities trying to get viewers to donate to feed the children or buy drugs to make them healthy. How about they save those ads for more appropriate shows?
  5. Dating site commercials are on my list. It wasn't until the other day when I saw a commercial on a totally different channel for Black People Meet that I realized these dating sites only show white people looking for love online. I'm now officially tired of seeing white (allegedly) single people talking about how they want to find someone nice (liars). I actually prefer the ads I see late at night on Comedy Central where girls say they're looking for sugar daddies or hookups. At least they're honest.
But I did get to take a bit of time out of watching the marathon to make this:
So there's that.
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