Friday, May 29, 2009

The Week in Pop Culture

Mel Gibson's new girlfriend is knocked up.

Brooke Shields regrets not doing the naughty earlier.

That tranny took to YouTube to explain why she likes green apples more than red apples. Yeah, I watched it. Oh, and here's her new album cover. I'm sure the music ROCKS!

Speaking of boobs, these might be the most painful pair ever.

I learned more about Merv Griffin (and a few other dudes) than I ever needed to know.

I'm not the only one who's spotted this creepy old dude at an NBA game and wondered what tha???

I'm still not sure if Lady GaGa is a singer or performance artist.

When pretty collides: Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman will star in a Broadway show together. I'm hoping it involves shirtless acting (fingers crossed).

I know I can't sing. But this kid does not know he's more than pitchy.

Apparently, you're not a "celebrity" if you don't pose in a bikini after losing a few pounds.

Chris Brown says he's not a monster. Rihanna fans might think otherwise.

Britney Spears has grossed me out.

This cast + this movie title sounds about right.

Here's some news that will make my co-workers dust off their favorite lines: serious progress on "Anchorman 2."

Susan Boyle goes from never been kissed to potty mouth. And I like it!
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