Friday, December 11, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

I so love Jason Segel on HIMYM. If pictures are telling this story correctly, he is certain to have an STD now. So he loses points in my book.

The ONLY way I would consider watching the "Dallas" reboot is if the originals came back. Even then, I'm iffy.

Lady GaGa met the Queen and she, um, dressed up?

I'm beginning to worry about Jessica Simpson's taste in men. Just a little.

Look, I get that pop stars rarely sing live. But if you're gonna do it, make sure you're holding the microphone from the right end.

DWTS' Joanna Krupa is sharing too much (and it's not just in the form of pictures).

OH NO! That "Bonnie Hunt Show" is going off the air and I haven't seen a single episode!

Gary Busey is going to be a dad. Hope he doesn't tell the kid to "speak into the microphone, squid brain!"

Gisele Bundchen is no longer fat. Oh, and she's a mom.

Hmmm... this review calls "MacGruber" the best SNL movie since "Wayne's World."

Not sure Mariah Carey knows how to kiss her Boy Toy/hubbie.

Wendy Williams (an alleged "talk show host) had to tell her kid about her breast implants after she talked about them on her show. Funny. I thought she was a dude.

Note to Chris Brown: No one wants to buy your music. Stop blaming stores and labels. You're a douche.

One of my favorite kooky shows has been canceled. :(
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