Friday, December 18, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

This could make me stalk Hugh Jackman. But I won't because that's a crime. Right?

If you believe Tara Reid's pictures in Playboy are not photoshopped to death, I'd like you to help me collect some lottery winnings in the UK.

A very smart judge decided Courtney Love should not be in charge of her daughter. Then, Courtney took herself out of the "Mom of The Year" contest.

Not sure if Rihanna is acting out or just desperate for attention. Why else would a girl who can sing feel the need to take off her clothes?

Speaking of needing attention... John Mayer says he's "taking a break from dating." So ladies, don't go throwing your parts at him because he's not interested.

Here's a VERY special "Brady" episode.

I think Madonna's work has settled nicely in her face.

I had no idea Lady GaGa's songs had such deep meaning.

This article points out Nicole Kidman's make-up malfunction. I can't stop wondering how many cutlets she has stuffed into the dress.

I'm not even sure who this woman is, but OMG - her behind is ginormous!

Finally, here's a little holiday cheer. Enjoy!
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