Friday, December 25, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Britney Spears has a sense of humor, y'all!

I know Nicole Kidman wants to be known for her work, not her Scientology-loving-ex-husband, but this is a bit odd.

Jessica Simpson sticks things in her ears.

Carrie Underwood is engaged to a hockey player who appears to have all his teeth.

Catherine Zeta-Jones wants people to come see her Broadway show. Desperately.

Wow. I thought I had issues with Christmas. Ozzy is beyond Scrooge.

Even models take a stand against high heels.

I never did get this coupling - on TV or in real life.

Soon, you'll be able to smell just like Eva Longoria Parker.

Kim Kardashian makes eating a salad seem naughty.

Steven Tyler is in rehab (not sure if he gets something free this time).Oh, and if you still care about Aerosmith, he's staying with them.

This is a REAL surprise (no sarcasm - honest): Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins have split!

Beneath all that makeup and boobage, Pamela Anderson is really not that special.

Same goes for Marilyn Manson.

Do you follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter? You should probably know she makes $10,000 per tweet when she mentions businesses. Yeah. I'm mad, too. Still not following her.

Oh, I'll see this - even though it may make me a bit angry.

Sex and the City 2 in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video
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