Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer TV

That's right - I don't give my DVR a break just because it's summer! I mean, it's not like I get three months off. So what am I to do when I get home from work at night and most people are sleeping?

Watch TV.

So here's what I'm watching this summer:

I'm A Celebrity... Now, here's the thing about this show. I said I was going to watch it when Rod Blagojevich was going to be on. Why? Because he's just douchey enough to be entertaining. And I REALLY wanted to see what would happen when he had stuff dumped in that hair of his. I was also hoping for an expletive fest. When the judge wouldn't let him go, I was tuning out. Then, I thought it might be interesting to see those other douches - Heidi & Spencer - be taken away from Hollywood. I couldn't take the staged photos of them in my magazines or on my favorite blogs. I thought that could be like a vacation. Then, John Salley sent me a message on Twitter asking me to watch for him. Never heard of the dude. Still, I figured nothing else was on Monday night (besides Conan's fun debut), so I watched it. Oh, it's a show I love to hate. Thankfully, it's only on for three weeks - however, that's four nights a week. GRRRRRR.

Wipeout I don't record this, just watch the first round at work. Why? BIG BALLS! I know there is something wrong with me that I giggle every time someone, well, wipes out on that crazy obstacle course. It's fun. You can miss an episode and not be left wondering what happened. Oh, and there are REALLY BIG BALLS. What more do you want?

So You Think You Can Dance Well, I don't. But these kids who try out and actually make the show are fascinating! They haven't made the cut to the final 20 (at least not that I've seen yet). But these kids are so impressive. Some have dance training, others are just naturally gifted. Over the course of a few weeks, they learn every kind of dance. I never thought people moving around a stage to music could move me to tears, but every season I have watched, that has happened. If you liked "Dancing With The Stars," you'll love this show. It's fun!

True Blood Southern vampires. Or "vampire porn," as one friend called it. It is creepy, funny, shocking and scary. Sometimes all at once. I have to admit, I sometimes can't sleep after I've watched it.

Hung This is a new show. It's about a guy who's well-endowed. He puts his friend to use because it's the only way he can make a buck. Now, you're probably thinking I'm just hoping for a peek. They say there will be no reveal (a la "Boogie Nights"). It's all up to the imagination. Wiener aside, the show looks funny.

Entourage I admit I don't care about Vince and the boys. I only want Ari & Lloyd. If they aren't in the scenes, I tend to lose interest. Still, wishing I didn't have to wait until July for this one.

Mad Men I have been hooked on this show from the very first season. It's so smart. Each episode is like a little movie. And, I swear, every single member of the cast is fantastic. It makes me wish I was living in that era. Why don't we do cocktail hour anymore?

I don't think I left anything out. How are you passing the summer???
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