Friday, June 12, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Bret Michaels performed at the Tony Awards and got knocked out. At least he has a legitimate excuse for some more plastic surgery. He even took to the web to show off his injuries. Not shedding a tear.

Apparently everyone wants to either BE Angelina Jolie - or they want to DO her.

Oh, how I loved Zack Morris back in the day. So this might be my favorite moment of the week.

Please, God. Don't let them remake Saturday Night Fever.

David Letterman's not afraid of the Mama Bear - even if she does have a gun (or 12). And she fired right back. Then he apologized for trying to be funny.

Jon Voight, who can't get his relationship with his daughter cleaned up, thinks he knows a thing or two about the way our country is going. Yeah. He's credible.

If Susan Boyle wants to unleash her inner Paris Hilton, the heiress offers these tips. Let's just hope SuBo doesn't opt for a sex tape.

I've never seen her in a movie, but "actress" Jessica Alba is allegedly a vandal. Is that a scandal?

Little secret about Nicole: I ♥ Blago. Well, not him. Just his hair. And his potty mouth. Anywho, this story makes me want to go to Chicago Saturday. He could be one funny MFer.

Phil Spector's new mugshot should be in a Hall of Fame. It's THAT good. I can't blame the prison for taking his wig. That thing could hide all kinds of weapons!

Chasity Bono turned 40 and decided to become a dude. Somewhere, Cher is probably thinking, "If I could turn back time..."

Oh. I almost forgot. The worst kept secret is finally out. Are you surprised?
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