Friday, June 5, 2009

Week in Pop Culture June 1-5

Bruno dropping in on Eminem was the talk of the MTV Movie Awards (it was staged). However, you missed out on the funny show opening and Cameron Diaz's pit stains (if you're not patient enough to sit through the rap, go to the 3:50 mark).

Susan Boyle finished second to a dance troupe on "Britain's Got Talent." She did finish first in the race to the looney bin!

I have never wanted a popsicle more until I saw this: a Bondsicle!

Wow! You can get EVERYTHING at Sam's Club - including a personal concert by a guy whose music you probably wouldn't even download for free.

Jennifer Hudson is expecting a baby. Thankfully something to explain outfits like this.

"Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch?" Maybe that's because they're making a sequel to "Heathers." WHY?

Another sequel I'm not sure I'll watch: "Wall Street 2."

And how about a prequel?

I want to be Joan Rivers when I grow up - just so I can live like this. Side note: hold the plastic surgery and extreme bitchiness, please.

Here's at least one reason I'm glad I don't have a teenage girl in my house: A Twilight Cruise.

Vanessa Minnillo (TV "Host") is SO funny! She thinks Nick Lachey is going to buy her a 10 carat ring. Um, wouldn't he need to have a good paying job to afford that? Or is that ring going to be made out of candy. BTW - if you're looking to get me something, THAT would be fabulous!

I know actresses wear wigs in movies, but had no idea Kate Winslet went this far for "The Reader!"

Angelina Jolie is more powerful than OPRAH? Hmmm...

Sabrina The Teenage Witch is really, um, witchy.

Here's something super cute: Britney's boys dancing to her music

What the heck happened to Gwyneth's legs?
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