Friday, October 23, 2009

She's The Best?

Now, I usually LOVE Annie Leibovitz's photos. So this is a bit of a disappointment.
That's it? Don't get me wrong. The Obamas are a lovely family (those girls are super cute!), but put Mom & Dad in a chair let the kids put their arms around them? That's the kind of photo you can have taken at Sears!

Consider some of Leibovitz's previous photos:

When I see those photos, I feel something. They're intimate. They're insightful. I could look at them all day and not get bored. The Obama family portrait doesn't do anything except make me think that's the photo you'd get in a new picture frame. Blah. It wasn't too long ago that she did these. Much more interesting.

Now, I'm hoping the First Family got some other photos out of the shoot (which I read was a freebie, so it didn't cost taxpayers a penny - which is interesting considering Leibovitz has money troubles, but whatever). If that's what's going out on their holiday card, people will probably be disappointed - not just because it's being published everywhere.

So, please, Ms. Leibovitz, give us more thoughtful photos and less of what any photographer with a screen background can do!
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