Friday, October 23, 2009

Week in Pop Culture

Elisabeth Hasselbeck showed off her new baby boy on "The View." Unlike her family, she did not share her nipple photo with the viewers. WHEW!

It seems the Octomom has a thing for douchebags.

Apparently, The Hoff is getting a reality show.

Whitney Houston went on a talent show and sang. No one seemed to care much about that. It was her wardrobe malfunction that got all the attention.

Non-gossip item: If you're not watching "Glee" (what's wrong with you?), then you're missing out on this kind of fun.

More Gleetastic news: Madonna is letting the musical show use songs from her catalog. Can't wait!!

You think I'm mean? A writer with the LA Times came up with a list of things she doesn't like about Vince Vaughn.

Rihanna confuses me. She has talent, but then she has to go and whore-it-up for attention.

Mischa Barton, whose TV show was canceled after about 30 seconds on air, says TV is not for her. That's like me saying booze before work is not for me. Well, it's not.

Because U2 loves its fans, the boys plan to stream their concert Sunday on the web.

Amy Winehouse got herself some boobs.

This might explain why kids want to be celebrities.

I don't know why I'm surprised celebrities have wedding registries.

Kids, if you ever needed an example of what happens when you abuse drugs, alcohol and, well, anything else, please see this. Then, just say no.
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