Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hollywood, I Don't Get It

This man is an admitted pedophile. Some in Hollywood say Roman Polanski should not serve the time for his crime.

You know, "Rosemary's Baby" is a great film. It scares the bejeezus out of me every time I watch it. The sight of that upside down cross over the baby's bed gives me goose bumps.

But he's a pedophile.

He gave a 13-year-old girl drugs and alcohol then had sex with her. Even if she consented, THIS IS ILLEGAL. She's a child. He's an adult. He's old enough to know better. But who needs judgment? I think her testimony is heartbreaking. Shame on him - and anyone else who knew this was happening. Jack Nicholson - how could you have NO clue this was happening in your own home?

He served some time in jail, then left the country fearing the judge would throw the book at him.

Now, he's trying to get the whole thing tossed out of court. Woody Allen is coming to Polanski's defense. Really. I mean, if you're an admitted pedophile on the run, wouldn't you want another award-winning director who has liked young girls to stand up for you?

I don't care how talented Polanski is as a film maker. He had sex with a child. He fled the country. At some point, he must be held accountable. What message does this send to the world's criminals? If you have a talent, we'll turn a blind eye to the fact that you like to diddle kids? We'll forget that you haven't harmed a soul since your last crime 30 years ago?

No. I won't accept that. I understand his victim has forgiven him. But the law is the law. What good is it if we make exceptions?
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