Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Day of Ridicumas

That's right. I'm making up a word. It's a combination of ridiculous and Christmas - my own holiday where I wish for things that are kind of crazy but not really since these are actual things you could buy out of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. I would have gone with LudaChristmas but that's already taken. So, I kick off today's "WANT" with something that's not super insane.
The folks at Natori call this a caftan. I say it's the prettiest muumuu I've ever seen! My friends know that I look forward to the day when I can wear these without complete judgment (like you people would do to me if I started wearing these out of the house on the regular).

There is something about the loose, flowy and somewhat dressy house dress that appeals to me. Totally not practical on a cold day - unless I wear leggings. OOH! That's an idea! And I don't think it would be completely giving up on any attempt at fashion since I'd keep shaving  my legs. That's effort! And since this one costs $180, I don't think you could ignore the potential of such a pretty caftan!
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