Saturday, December 15, 2012

Third Day of Ridicumas

There are two reasons some of you might find this next "WANT" crazy.

  1. They're Toms.
  2. They're sparkly.
Here's the thing: I fully recognize I need a sparklevention. I can't help that I like sparkly things. I also can't deny that I have a pair of sparkly leopard print Toms that are kind of my favorite shoe right now. They are comfortable and shiny! Do you have any idea how hard it is to combine those two? DO YOU?

These are $85, a little more than I paid for my sparkly shoes. But I'm worth it! Also, if you buy me sparkly things, I can say, "I didn't buy it," so it will be OK for me to wear them. I like a size nine so my toes are free to move about the cabin. 

PS - as a way of controlling my passion for sparkly things, I try to limit myself to one shiny item - unless they're shoes. Then I wear two. Because I have two feet. And if I wore two different shoes people would think something is wrong with me. And there isn't. Liar.


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