Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Seventh Day of Ridicumas

This gift will require me to sacrifice one of my guest rooms. It's a big one. Ready?
I'll be kind to you visitors and give up my office. You guys, this Arcade Trunk is better than a trip to Dave & Busters! Besides the fancy calfskin seats (yeah, take that arcade-grade plastic touched by too many strange butts!), this comes with:
Formula 1™ racing seats with Thrustmaster T500 RS Force Wheel, a selection of 24 PlayStation® 3 games, Bluetooth® 3 wireless music system, motion-detection camera, 2 SingStar® 3 microphones, and much more. Maybe you'll start with a little karaoke sing-off—you chuckle, imagining your version of "Welcome to the Jungle" blasting through the unparalleled 1800-watt sound system. 
Oh, the TV is also included as are 3D glasses. See? Totally worth the $90,000 price tag! And you don't need quarters (though I may try to charge people if they lose a game). Would you like to play a game? Then buy this for me and we can play!


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