Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 In Review

The fine folks at Mental Floss posed these questions and I figured I'd answer them here. Feel free to give your response in the comments section!

1. What’s the most interesting book or article you read in 2008?

Since they are the only books I actually completed this year, I'm going to have to say the "Twilight" series. I am ashamed to say I have started two others but not finished them.

2. What’s the best food you tried for the first time in 2008?

I'm going to say the Bama Roll at Kona Grill.

3. What prominent figure’s death upset you the most in 2008?

I guess it has to be Heath Ledger. He was young. He was The Joker. It was totally unexpected. Seeing him in movies now is eerie.

4. What’s the most unexpected way the economic crisis affected you in 2008?

Thanks to my Mom's good advice, my 401k actually went up!

5. What’s a new hobby you picked up in 2008?

The wii. I love it! I feel like a kid, but it is so much fun!

6. When you look back at 2008 five years from now, what will be the first thing that comes to mind?

It's the year I got Chaplin, my crazy kitten. Yes, he's locked me out of the house, terrorized Charlie and wakes me up in the middle of the night at least once, but he's cute. And he can be cuddly. So I'll keep him - for now.

7. And I’ll end this batch of questions the same way I did last year: “Let’s make Week-After-Christmas Resolutions. Something you vow to start doing next Friday, but can give up on January 1st.” What’s yours?

I'm going to resolve to make a genuine effort to read all those books on my nightstand. I think that's a good start. Stay tuned to the blog to see what else I try to tackle in 2009!
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