Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Adults Act Like Children

I'm starting this recurring segment about, you guessed it, adults acting like kids. Now, I'm not exactly a fun hater, but I think there are some things children do that adults do not. My first example: hand washing.
Since I was little, I was taught to stick my hands under the water, lather up, rinse, dry. It's not that difficult. Or is it?

I've noticed whether it's at the movies, the mall or work, there are more ladies who skip right past the sink or think dunking their hands under the faucet for two seconds is sufficient. What is WRONG, people?

Here's the deal. You should ALWAYS wash your hands after doing your business. If your own personal hygiene is not a good excuse, think about mine - and everyone else's! Think of it this way: you do the stuff in the stall, don't wash, then open the door. You've put your cooties on the door handle. Then, you reach in your wallet and pay cash for a cup of coffee, perhaps a pastry. This is disgusting on two counts: one, your contaminated cash is sitting in a register, making the other bills dirty and two, you're going to eat with that hand that hasn't been washed! You might as well just dunk your pastry in the potty! Perhaps you don't stop for a snack. Maybe you meet some clients or someone new. What do you do? Shake hands. Now, you've passed your nasties onto innocent people. SICKO.

Why does this bother me? Not because I'm starting to become a germophobe, but because it's cold and flu season. I've had the cold, don't want the flu. I wash my hands plenty. But it's some of you who act like the soap will melt the flesh right off your hands that are the germinators. Until I know you're a hand washer - and I have to see it on a regular basis without any prompting - I won't be shaking hands.

Oh, and if you think I'm the only one who feels this way, you should check this out by a group of people who call themselves the Centers for Disease Control.
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