Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

I woke up Christmas morning to a nice, warm breakfast. You should know that it's hard for me to eat something as soon as I roll out of bed. However, since my parents wake up before the sun rises, they're ready to go by nine (this is apparently what happens when you get old).

My brother ate with us. I accused my dad of wearing cranky pants, which made it even more difficult for him to be cranky (he doesn't like for us to be right). Then, we headed to the living room for some present opening. As the gifts were sorted, we noticed my dad had apparently been on Santa's nice list - he had more gifts than all of us. In fact, he had so many packages, we made him open two for every one we opened! That certainly made him change out of his cranky pants!

I scored some good stuff - gift cards, perfume, more gift cards. I felt bad that the only gifts I bought were of the literary kind (my only stop had been Borders). I will make it up to my incredibly generous family before the next holiday!

I took a Christmas nap (another tradition in our family). Then, we loaded up and went out to the Grandparents. I think my Grandmother may have been taught a little lesson. She told my Grandfather she wanted hair pins and Q-Tips for Christmas. That's what she got. You'd think after being married nearly 60 years, she'd know better!

Us four cousins were confined to a small wooden table outside. We decided it was probably better than being in at the adult table anyway. We ate, then went back to my parents house for some Wii play. We were being good kids until my parents came home.

Mom decided we should be drinking and proceeded to play bartender. There was a whole lot of rocking going on. And boozing. And game play. This went on for hours until my cousins got a call from their mother stating their grandparents would like to see them on Christmas.

Party over.

It was beddy-bye time for me. I don't know why, but every time I stay at my parents, I want to sleep. I could fall asleep before 10:00 and sleep for 12 hours or more. It's not that the bed is that comfortable. I usually toss and turn until I get to a relaxed state. Perhaps there's some carbon monoxide creeping into the house. I don't know. Whatever it is, I get sleepy fast.
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