Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bye, Bye Video Cassette Tapes

I cannot believe I'm seeing these clunky things go extinct! I have a drawer full of them! When I moved to San Antonio, I did ditch most of my video tapes (and was incredibly disappointed in how little Half Price Books paid me for them). I have since replaced most of those movies with DVDs. But, thanks to the DVR, I no longer need to record my favorite shows on anything else.

Still, there is something about the video tape that makes me think of all the movies I watched in my, ahem, younger days. I seem to remember one of the first rental choices I made being "Purple Rain." I'm not sure my mother had any idea what it was about - so don't judge her. I'm sure I made some perfectly reasonable argument for it with my 10-year-old brain.

After that, many more movies were popped in that giant VCR. It, like the rest of technology, shrunk. But the idea of being able to record anything on TV - it was so exciting!

I should have known things would change for me when my combo DVD/VCR started rejecting video tapes. Call me naive, I just never thought the day would come when I wouldn't be able to find a tape! Is this what it was like when records went away? I don't remember that.

Anyhow - so long video tape! You served us well! This story has a lovely look back at our times together.
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