Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I made it home in time to spend the last hour of 2008 at home, watching The Coop and Kathy Griffin (my new favorite tradition as I have lost interest in the musicians Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest roll out each year). Now, when I first started watching, 2009 had just arrived on the east coast. That means The Coop & KG had to fill an hour as the crowd in Times Square got the heck out of the cold. This can make for awkward television (which I love - so long as I'm not producing it). They showed bands performing all over the country. I was confused by the choice to include Lil Wayne and his pole dancers. Even The Coop made note of the fact that they could only use the music and not show Lil Wayne's performance.

But as the minutes counted down to 2009, you couldn't help but notice the people yelling not nice things at KG. What didn't help? The fact that she yelled right back at the people. The best response is here - but a warning: the language is naughty. I think it will be my new favorite phrase! Denise & I giggled about it for so long that we realized it was 2009 when they started showing the cities in the central time zone celebrating. Bill was lucky enough to be in the chopper at midnight and snapped this picture.
I will reflect back on the year and make my resolution(s) later. Until then, I hope you had a safe and happy end of 2009 and wish you the best in the new year!
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