Sunday, January 18, 2009

In The Name of Love

I'm having a moment.

I'm not often the girl who sits on the sofa and cries at the TV. But today, I was.

I watched HBO's We Are One and was so moved through the whole thing. From the wonderful speeches reminding us of inaugurations past to the performances by some of the best singers in the world.

And while I was on the verge of tears through the patriotic songs, I couldn't stop the tears from falling when U2 performed "Pride (In The Name of Love)." That song has always been special, but seeing these four Irish guys perform that very song in front of the Lincoln Memorial was - and still is - something that made big, fat crocodile tears fall from my eyes.

I don't care who you voted for in November. Put politics aside. Think of how far our young country has come. I never thought I'd see anyone but a white man in the Oval Office. When Dr. King had his dream, he believed America could - and would - change. That's what I was thinking about as Bono sang. To think that no child in this great country will ever have to say, "I can't" when so many have said "Yes, we can." I can't help but be emotional. There are no more excuses. We make our own paths. And we do it, not because we can, but because we want to.

And we do it in the name of love.
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