Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

They say there's no going back. Not true in the blog world. I've been looking back at the posts I've written in the last year and was reminded of a few things. Here goes:

I started this little blog this month. Since then, I've had nearly 8,000 hits (and counting). I have posted pictures of things I thought were funny, from newspaper headlines to videos of things that make me laugh. I have also taken to sharing dumb things I do, like this incident from work or my love of a certain anchorman's pastel jackets.

Those of you who know me well know I subscribe to way too many magazines. So imagine my surprise when I come across a photo that nearly made me go blind. I post it on my blog. I ask a certain sports blog why they don't have it - then, magically, they link to my blog and more strangers than I ever could have imagined have found my boring musings. I also discovered the most annoying song, sent to us by a Spurs fan with too much time on his hands. Every time I hear this song, I want to stab myself in the ear with a pencil. Gas prices also soared, right along with my temper. But I put those feelings to good use with the Suck It, Oil Companies posts.

I like to dare my coworkers to do things - often for my own entertainment, but sometimes I'll pay (What? Like a quarter doesn't get you anything these days??). I documented one dare. Also this month, the funniest political ad was released. I'm happy to report I included it in one of our news stories - with THE MAN himself explaining that is not his fringe suede jacket you see in the video. Every time I hear that, the song is stuck in my head for hours! Charley got a little brother - that he certainly did not ask for - and things have not been the same in my house since! We also said goodbye to my beloved cat, Cornell. I rescued him from the streets when I was working at my first TV job. He turned out to be one of the best cats I ever knew.

I made my first video. I tried my best to get Corporate America to pay attention to me (ahem, I'm still waiting for my swag to arrive). Estelle Getty died. I had no idea when I wrote this that it would bring foreign visitors to my blog. I noticed the boys at work tend to dress alike. BTW - uniforms are NOT required.

Just in time for the year's hottest month, I discovered my favorite fudgsicle in the office vending machine. If anyone from HEB reads this, put these bad boys on your list! I can't find them in stores! Perhaps I should stay away from the fudgesicles if I want to be more like Cindy Crawford. I became a Glamspotter and haven't bought shampoo since. I had another frustating summer of indoor heat. I decided I like the Bidens.

I became angry with Republicans for stereotyping Texans. I discovered what's wrong with me. Tina Fey made me giggle. I've had it up to *here* with the chupacabra. I decided until I have Cindy Crawford's body I'm not putting my jiggly parts out there so that this does not happen to me.

My love of TV was justified by one of my favorite pop culture bloggers. Charley placed second in the wiener dog races. I refused to name my quirks. I decided to stop using WebMD to diagnose what I was sure was late stage cancer.

My case of electionitis came to an end - and I was OK with it. I met Chesty Cough. I got my diagnosis - and nearly quit my allergy doctor. I made my Christmas wish list.

I learned the hard way that Chaplin's ability to leap five feet in the air isn't a good thing. After weeks of searching, my holiday spirit arrived - kinda. I learned to listen to my Dad - and that hydraulic jacks make tire changing much easier. And I learned a new (naughty) phrase.

That's the year in blogging. Many more things happened to me, but since I didn't start the blog until a few months into 2008, I don't really remember them. Here's hoping 2009 is even better than the last year!
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